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Firestone Complete Auto Care – Firestone Luke AFB

Why is the manager not working the online request schedule? This is the 4th time in a year. Last week, the manager told me he just did not have time to look at the schedule when I showed up for the appt. I was not told otherwise, so I naturally assumed my appt. was still valid. It appears no one is still not working the online scheduling, because I put in another request and still no email or call. Replaced my radiator and said it was good to go. However, the engine is still overheating. Also, they charged me 20 more dollars than what I owed. Let’s see if they call me back. The trend also includes their overall attitude toward military members. As I was standing there watching the manager interact with customers, he demonstrated a serious lack of professionalism and courtesy. Trends will always be the largest signal that something is wrong and heading in the wrong direction. I am contacting the Luke AFB Base Commander about this and some other things that are showing a negative trend, not a one time situation.

Desired outcome: Reply

Complaint Against a Service United States

Firestone Complete Auto Care review: Rear brake work

Took my vehicle in to the Firestone at 5657 Wendy Bagwell Pwky in Hiram to have rear brakes July 6th. Approved almost $800 worth of work, told them I was in no hurray, just needed it before mid August. I was told “I’ll have it done by 5pm today”. (Direct quote from Andrew the service manager). Asked for and was promised a printout of the estimate either by email, text or however and again stressed that I was in no hurry, never received. Then they call me at 5pm to say they couldn’t find parts for a Honda Passport and the service manager was going on vacation the next day and the technician working on it was off the next day as well so I could try to find my own parts or come pick it up. Wow.

I couldn’t find the parts but then again, I wasn’t on their payroll, lol.

So I say I’ll come pick it up. 
No effort by a company that has stores all over the US who one would assume has access to parts reps to help find parts for fairly popular vehicle.

I took it elsewhere and found out that the people Firestone clamped the brake hose to the rear brakes, yes that’s right, CLAMPED THE BRAKE HOSE TO THE REAR BRAKES, didn’t bother to tell me and let me drive it home this way. For anyone who doesn’t know, this s NOT SAFE!

Now, no other shop wants to even look at it because there’s no way of knowing what else they did!

Andrew the service manager(?) couldn’t care less since his vacation was starting and Cedric the manager had no clue what was going on. They didn’t even know which key was mine when I picked it up.

Complained to corporate 800 number and promised a call from manager within 48 hours but they evidently can’t be bothered to call since 28th of July. 
If you value safety, DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR THERE!

Complaint Against a Service United States

Firestone Complete Auto Care – car repair Firestone Aurora Colorado 4535 N. Tower Rd 80249

My car was towed to Firestone on 6/11 at 4535 N. Tower Rd Aurora, CO 80249 since the car would not start. I was later called that day to let me know since the car had a breathalyzer installed, I would have to come in and blow even though the mechanics have authorization to call the 800 number given to Firestone, but did not want to do until I came into the store. I had to use a code and Firestone then worked on the car calling the 800 number which could have been done in the first place. Once Firestone called to let me know the car was ready for pick up I had to have it towed to the place for my normal recalibration for the breathalyzer and could not used the same code for the month to start vehicle. Once towed to place for recalibration the car did not start. I paid $432.48 and my car has not been able to start since 6/14. The car is being worked on by the mechanics that do the recalibration for my car on a monthly basis. There was wiring involved which Firestone explained they had to fix for the battery but now I have to pay $1500 to resolve the issue. I still do not have my car since 6/14 since the mechanics just now diagnosed and found the problem and it will be another 6-8 weeks for the part to arrive.

Desired outcome: Would like to be reimbursed monies paid to Firestone since they did not use the mechanical phone to override breathalyzer

Complaint Against a Service United States

Firestone Complete Auto Care – Store #4987 3507 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN [protected]

(08/05/22) I scheduled an appointment for this days earlier in the week. When I arrived on time, I was told that I did not have an appointment, or my name was not in the system for any service. I did not receive any call about cancellation but an email for the appointment schedule. I stay about 30 miles from this service center. I took off the morning from work and this was really frustrating and not considerate of any customer.



Desired outcome: I can’t get time back sorry!!

Complaint Against a Service United States

Firestone Complete Auto Care – Right CV axle, alternator and tires

On 3/10/20 I brought my vehicle to Wheelworks store 117331 for a Right CV axle replacement cost $495.19 plus tax. The part was not an OEM part and cause severe vibration in the vehicle on inclines and upon acceleration. I was advised by a Hyundai dealership Right CV axle was loose and was believed to be the cause of the problem. On 4/11/22 I went to Firestone store 903192 to have the Right CV axle repaired under warranty and was charged $161.00 plus tax for labor. It came to my attention that Firestone is using after-market parts to repair the drive shaft which never resolved the vibration issue. It also cause feathering on the two front Bridgestone tires that only had 15,000 mile on them and were purchased from Firestone in August 2019. The tires were replaced at store 903192 at the cost of $297.22.

Finally, I took the vehicle to a Hyundai dealership, Grayson Hyundai 8729 Kingston Pike, Knoxville TN [protected] and had the axle replaced with manufacturer parts which resolved the issue at another cost to me.

The total cost at your stores is $953.41 which I should be reimbursed for since the parts used were not from the manufacturer.

2. The alternator was replaced at your store on 7/23/20 store 029734

On 6/1/22 while driving on rte 75N your alternator quit working and I had to tow my vehicle to a service station to have it repaired at the cost of $386.94. Your parts are obviously substandard

Desired outcome: I would like to be reimbursed $1340.35 for the costs incurred at your stores and to fix the issues.I have used Firestone for lifetime alignments on all 3 of my cars as well as tire purchases throughout the years.

Complaint Against a Service United States

Montage Furniture Services review: aluminum patio table

We used their protection plan on a dark-colored aluminum patio table where we had a couple of kids doing a science project over the summer. They were using a mix of baking soda, water, and detergent that left a white residue across about 40% of the table. They asked me to fill out there form indicating the damage as well as submit pictures detailing the problem. After waiting 2 weeks or so, I called them for an update, and they hadn’t started the process on their end but had my information sitting there. They said they would call back in 2 days. I called them 4 days later and the customer service rep said they contacted the store where we bought the table and they were just waiting on a callback but didn’t inform me of this. I told her I would help in any way possible. I waited for about another week… the same result. 2 weeks from that, they said they were sending someone out to try and “repair” the stain? The person came out, inspected it then left without saying a thing to my wife. They then emailed us within a week saying that nothing would be done. They said “The information provided to us indicates that the damage reported to us is not a part of the coverage provided to you under terms of your protection plan. Your protection plan does not cover fading/color loss so we are not able to address the issue on your table.” This was not fading or color loss, this was an irremovable stain, that’s it.


Montage Furniture Services – kitchen chairs broken

Broken kitchen chairs need new one or repair s too chairs did fax documents on Saturday and Sunday office claim can’t find faxes office told me today use email too upload pics and all documents too site as I was told too do please contact Gerard Johnson at 329 blue coat street Dover Delaware 19901 phone [protected] email address [protected] claim number is PM2089889

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Montage Furniture Services – Sectional Sofa

I purchased the sofa on 11/25/2015. I have 2 sections with springs about to come through the material and another section with a deep indentation in the cushion. Very seldom does anyone sit on that section. I called the service to file a claim and was told my $2000 sofa is basically junk after 4 1/2 years and there is only a 1 year warranty. They could direct me to a service center for the springs and give me a price for the section with the deep pothole. Either way it’s going to cost me money to fix their junky crap furniture…waiting for a Slumberland manager to call me back…let’s see if they will do anything…I sincerely doubt it…

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Montage Furniture Services – Do not honor the warranty

We were never given a copy of the warranty, nor were we shown any of the warranty specifications. The only paper work we received was an itemized receipt. The customer service rep was intentionally misleading (this wasn’t miscommunication, this was blatant lying on part of your company). We requested a copy of the warranty later, in 2019, in order to make a claim, and your company could not, once again, supply us with a copy of it. We were, however, informed that Ashley no longer worked with the company that is supposed to provide the warranty. Which leads me to believe, this isn’t the first time there has been issue.

We have a couch that the seams ripped the day after it was delivered. The upholstery became displaced (the seam moved 4 inches out of place) Apparently, they don’t cover seam issues, even though Ashley SPECIFICALLY told me that it would be covered. Ashley told us we “should have read the warranty” but we were never provided one. We were charged $550 for nothing.

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Montage Furniture Services – furniture warranty

bought a recliner from Slumberland 4 years ago and purchased the extra 5 year warranty which is served by Montage FS. In March, a bracket inside the recliner broke. Immediately, we found the original paperwork which provided us with a telephone number. We tried calling and sat on hold for 45 minutes. We then filed our claim on their website (claim #FC1612139-21A). It has now 2 months since we filed our claim and have never received ANY response from them at all. The status of our claim hasn’t even changed when we check it online. We’ve tried calling (waited on hold multiple times more than a hour) and emailing them to no avail. I don’t even know if they will fix/replace the chair because we can’t get any response from their customer service. Would like someone to come out and fix the chair or for the chair to be replaced as detailed in the warranty paperwork.

Desired outcome: Chair fixed or replaced at “no additional cost” as detailed in the paperwork I was provided when I purchased the warranty.