Complaint Against a Service

Mercedes Benz of Alexandria

Harvey Weinstein was nicer to his victims than the service department is to the customers at this place.  I brought my MB G-series in for basic services and left with more problems to the GL than when I brought it.  It’s a scam to get more business!

They have selective memory; they deny that I initially brought the issues I had and conveniently remember that they brought these “new” issues up.  Thus, making the customer look negligent.

Unless you like being mistreated, belittled, and paying for ridicule, don’t bother with this place.

(703) 341-2100
200 S Pickett St Alexandria, VA 22304

Complaint Against a Service

Wheaton Service Center

My fiance and I had just bought our first VW and were hoping to find a trusting dealer to help with repairs. We were thrilled that there was a place just 3 blocks from our new home.

She brought the car in and after her 1-hour visit, she wished to never return because Tom made her feel uncomfortable.

I supported this and did not like the things he had said so I picked up the car when it was finished. When he found out who my fiance was he proceeded to make very inappropriate remarks about her.

This was so unprofessional and I wished to not interact with him again. On top of that he did not order my part in time and had to keep it an extra day and I had to take off work another due to no transportation and he provided no discount or compensation.

1 month later I called to see if I could have one of the service workers install a part for me that I had purchased somewhere else. His reply was so condescending as to why they would want to install something that was not purchased from them.

I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to cars, therefore, I am pretty trusting when I am told information about mine and he made me feel belittled with his rude reply.

I would encourage people to try and look for other places before using Toms poor communication style that make people feel uncomfortable and not trust their judgment.

(301) 949-3144
11321 Fern St Wheaton, MD 2090

Complaint Against a Service

MedStar Prompt Care – Chevy Chase

Extremely disappointing. Nice facility, bad doctor. I came on a Saturday morning with a clearly infected wound on the finger.

The attended physician looked at it and told me it was a callous, to apply antibiotic ointment and take oral antibiotics.

With my insistence, the physician opened the wound and drain it a little, not completely. I gave up insisting and left.

I will never go back and feel bad that my insurance is going to be charged for this service.

(855) 546-2090
5454 Wisconsin Avenue Ste 401 Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Complaint Against a Service

Old Dominion Urgent Care Center

I will never go here again.  I took my old child here on a Sunday with a 102-degree fever, body aches, sore throat, etc.  The nurse called my child back (I figured to take the blood pressure, weight, etc.,

and they would call me back to join her when that was finished.).  Literally 5 minutes later my child comes back to me stating “I’m finished.”

I couldn’t believe it.  I asked to speak with the doctor.  He poked his head out the main door and told me he took a throat culture and a flu swab.  I couldn’t believe it.

Honestly, I would have approved these tests had I been asked, but to think they were done without my consent is just wrong.  I asked if he would grow the strep culture overnight and he said it wasn’t necessary.

Bottom line is I felt Old Dominion Urgent Care was more concerned with making money off tests and getting the appointment over with quickly than my concerns about my daughter’s health.

I’ll give them 1 star because they took the test charges off my bill and only charged me for the office visit.

(703) 893-2505
6262 Old Dominion Dr. Mc Lean, VA 22101

Complaint Against a Service

Residence Inn by Marriott Alexandria Old Town/Duke Street

I really want to post about the moon in. that is the one. do not give them your credit or debit card. they will ring it wrong and then swipe it again and ring up charges.

the girl moon is the ringleader in that perfidy. do not give her your card. pay her in cash only.



(703) 548-5474
1456 Duke St Alexandria, VA 22314 Old Town Alexandria

Complaint Against a Service

Holiday Inn Express & Suites College Park-University Area

If I could give them a zero I would. My identity was stolen from here. The manager Jay Javid told me there had been an unauthorized user in my account! Probably a disgruntled employee. Well, I have suffered because of this. I’ve had to change banks, emails, phone numbers etc.

If you do decide, like I did, because of the decent ratings for the cost, you are doing this at your own risk. As far as I’m concerned, I’m never staying at any of their properties again!


(301) 441-8110
9020 Baltimore Ave College Park, MD 20740


Complaint Against a Service

Roll’s Moving & Storage

The movers were fine, they tried to move everything as safely and securely as they could.  Minor scratches.  The concern is the way the bill.

I understand an estimate is just that but when you are charged 6 hours for only 5 hours of work, the math doesn’t seem to work for me.

So just be aware of the billing practices they use, you might be surprised by the added costs of hours and fuel charges.

(703) 740-0182
Serving Alexandria Area 2900 Seay St Alexandria, VA 22314

Complaint Against a Service

L&B Universal

We hired them to put the HVAC in our addition and everything was not smooth. First, getting them to show up on time or on the date they said was always an issue. Secondly, they would often say they were coming and then change when that was.

The day they put the heat pump in they chain-smoked all around the house while doing it and I was left with 7 cigarette butts in my yard and one in the addition (!) and a pack of cigarettes lying out front that my old later found. 🙁  In general, they did not do a good job of cleaning up after themselves.

They also delayed the home inspection process by not doing something that any HVAC company should have known was necessary which is to put in access to the unit in the ceiling with a pull-down step.

Finally, communication is not their strong suit. It was often like a whose on the first episode until the bill was due…then they were seemingly on top of things!


(703) 618-4822
Serving Chantilly Area 14524-B Lee Rd Chantilly, VA 20151

Complaint Against a Service

Sheehy Ford Marlow Heights

By far the worst experience of my life! My husband bought his car for the check engine light (later found out was the purge valve), replace the sunroof motor, and repair the front end (all which Marcus, his service advisor said was covered under the extended warranty).

The car was in for service for more than 2 weeks.  When I picked up the vehicle (Marcus) was not there. I was told to pay the deductible at the cashier counter and “they” would bring the car around.  When I got into the car, the first thing I noticed was the check engine light was STILL ON!

I go in and speak with the service manager “Gary” and he explained that the purge valve wasn’t covered under the warranty. I explained that they had the vehicle for TWO WEEKS and the primary reason my husband brought the car it was due to the check engine light. If this repair wasn’t covered then he should have known this prior to picking up the car.

Just because something is not covered doesn’t mean he didn’t want it fixed–he would have paid for it out of pocket if this was presented to him.  The car also had greasy hand/palm prints all over the vehicle. I questioned why the car wasn’t washed and he said, “We don’t do that here” which I knew was not true.

Gary drove the car back in the shop and came back and said that he was able to “reset” the computer and the check engine light was now off.  Gary also said that we could bring the car back and get the purge valve replaced for about $500-$600 dollars (this was an outrageous estimate but I’ll save that complaint about another review).

I get back in the car, drive off, and look up and notice a long black rubber-like piece hanging from the closed sunroof.  I opened the sunroof and the entire rubber piece came off the sunroof track.  I immediately turned the car around and took it back to the dealer.  I asked for Gary (the manager) again and he said he was going to take it back in.

He brought the car back around and he said it was “fixed.” He apologized and said the next oil change was on him (At this point, I would trust them to inflate my son’s front tire on his bike and I question all of their work).

When I got home, I closed the “fixed” sunroof and the rubber piece crumbled when I closed it. This place is horrible, dishonest, and their mechanics either are inexperienced or just have little to no work ethic.

The result of this car being at Sheehy Ford for 2 weeks is the check engine light is back on and we took the car to another mechanic to fix the hanging piece from the sunroof. I would NEVER visit Sheehy Ford of Marlow Heights AGAIN!


(301) 423-4950
Edit 5000 Auth Rd Marlow Heights, MD 20746

Complaint Against a Service

Ashesh D Patel, MD PC

I dislike giving negative reviews – and Dr. Patel is certainly a kind fellow – but this practice is inefficient, disorganized and, most critically, provides dubious patient care (at least in my experience).

First of all, the office is decrepit.  The computers literally date from the last century (the probably early 1990s) and the office doesn’t use email or seemingly any other modern technology that is standard in nearly all other medical practices.

I mean, who really uses a fax anymore?? Medical records are stuffed seemingly haphazardly in plain sight behind the receptionist and, on one occasion, I saw a storeroom full of medical folders thrown about on the floor in the downstairs area where a lab tech takes fluid samples.

Beyond the atrocious administration and appearance of the office and examination rooms, I’ve had a number of instances where I was seeking specific follow up from Dr. Patel (on the results of blood work)

and never got any feedback until I called back multiple times.  Luckily, I’ve never had to consult with him on significantly serious medical issues.

On the plus side, I will say that the office generally processes referrals quickly and there seems to often be available for appointments (perhaps no surprise).

Again, Dr. Patel is a nice gentleman indeed.  However, this is very far from a top of the line practice and the reviews on ZocDoc are outrageously misleading.

(202) 296-4897
1901 R St NW Washington, DC 20009 b/t N 19th St & N 20th St Dupont Circle