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Tracfone / Luner 3 / customer service

Bought new . Camera doesn”t work.I called customer service, could not understand them half the time ( I do not have patience for people not learning how to speak ). Said they would send out envelope to return it in. They did and put the wrong tracking number on it so FedEx wouldn”t take it.

They said a new one would be sent out and be here by the 28th Dec. I have to leave town on the 29 th and the pkge will not be here in time. They will not send a new one out to were I will be for next 3 months. They really suck. Will never buy from them again.

TracFone Wireless Customer Service
9700 NW 112th Ave.
Miami, FL
United States – 33178
+1 800 867 7183
Complaint Against a Service United States / Scammer preys on women of

This scammer repeatedly tried to get hundreds of dollars out of me via the site.

Email excerpt

Just a quick introduction. My name is Henry Giovanni, A successful businessman and also a philanthropist. However, one out of my goals is to reduce depression and suicide worldwide by supporting people to actualise their self esteem goals. I believed that if someone is happy with his or her body, such person is already a happy person and will not think of suicide or depressed. The passion for giving started when i had a major surgery at the age of 12 years.

Furthermore, i will be totally honest with you. You will get a donation of $7500 from me as requested. But the U.S Federal Gift Tax Authority and IRS demands that anyone I’m making a donation to must pay a “GIFT TAX FEE”. This is to authenticate my donation to you through the IRS on the ground of the US government Gift Tax policy.
A gift tax fee is $280 only. As soon as this is paid by you, i would proceed to transferring your donation into your bank account or preferably any payments of your choice.

Take note: The gift tax fee must be sent via bank transfer and i will process the gift tax processing on your behalf. And your donation would be paid to you with your choice of payments after 48hrs.
Furthermore, with a gift tax fee of $380 i can increase your donation from $7500 to $15000. And I can send you bank depot slips of 1 or 2 donations we made in the past or testimonies as proof. ;

GETCOSMETIC.COM did NOTHING when I reported this very obvious scammer.

photo is his supposed bank statement ‘proof’ of a former ‘client’


United States

Dollar General / Employee/manager

It was approximately 8:45 on the 28th of December. We ran into the Dollar General store in Linville Indiana to purchase some double-sided tape. We walked back to the aisle where it was and immediately the manager was back there with us stocking us like we were going to steal something.

We had only walked into the store. As I was walking out I noticed there was shower curtains at the end I’ll for two dollars so I picked one up went to pay for it and it rang at four dollars I like I went to the picture and I thought it was two dollars and she’s like yeah I’ll go check in a real hateful demeaning tone.

Then she comes back and says it was in the wrong spot I said well there is a lot of them in the wrong spot she’s like I know I’m giving it to you. She doesn’t need to be a manager she is rude and treat customers with no respect. She didn’t have a name tag on or I would give you her name but it it was at Lynnville Indian Dollar General store thank you

Dollar General Customer Service
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
United States – 37072
+1 800 678 9258
Complaint Against a Service United States

Marshalls / A pair of Timberland boots

I want to report that I bought a pair of boots in Marshall in October and its now broken inside because its quality. But staff said they can’t give me any compensation or refund or replace a new one because its exceeded 30 days.

And they told me there is nothing they can do because the boots is brand in Timberland, marshall is only selling. I think it unfair, Whatever its brand is, I bought it from marshall. Does that means marshall only selling goods and doesn’t care about its quality at all? This is ridiculous. Looking forward to a USEFUL reply. Thanks.

Marshalls Customer Service
770 Cochituate Rd
Framingham, MA
United States – 01701
+1 888 627 7425

United States

DaVitav Medical Group, 770 Martin Luther King Blvd. West Suffer, Fl. 33584 / Pain Medication

To whom this may concern,

I am writing this letter of complaint regarding my doctor, Dr.  Michael Zane.  I have been his patient for over 6 years and he is very familiar with my medical conditions which include severe back pain due to a prior accident and due to an unsuccessful back surgery, that left me far worse than I was prior to the surgery.  I also have diabetes with severe hand pains.  Dr. Zane has opted to drastically reduce my Morphine dose from 60mg to 15mg and my Percocet prescription has decreased from 5/325mg of 180 pills to 95 pills.

Every month I am running out of medication and I must endure persistent pain without any relief.  I have difficulty walking, sitting for long periods of time, sleeping through the night, and performing all my ADL’s and household duties with great difficult and restriction. I am bedridden most of the time and this is truly unfair to me.  I want to be able to function and be a part of society and not stuck in my home glued to my bed or chair.   This change was done so abruptly rather than gradually, and I am suffering tremendously because of this change.

The most uncompassionate thing about my situation was when I asked the doctor why all these changes are being made and rather than giving me an explanation, Dr. Zane only stated that he was not going to lose his license without a care in the world.  He also asked me to sign a contract which would designate him as the only doctor to prescribe my pain medication and then he wanted me to break that contract, so I can get may pain medication from pain management.

After speaking with the pharmacist, I was told that these new laws and changes were intended for new patients being started on pain medication.  I am not a new patient and should not be treated so unsympathetically.  It is totally outrageous how I am being treated so horribly and my severe and persistent medical condition is being ignored and debilitating me.

Dr. Zane has been very unprofessional in his care toward me and he has neglected to address any of my concerns or to answer my questions.  How has he done this? By never returning my phone calls or seeing me in person.   When I finally manage to get an appointment with him, he was informed that my copayments are too high and that I have been instructed to inform him that a prescription needs to be written in a certain way so that I may pay a more affordable copayment that suits my budget.

He has failed to help me regarding this matter and has repeatedly ignored my request.  I have also asked Dr. Zane for over three years to prescribe Valium to me which would help me sleep.  He has repeatedly said no, and he has not honored this request.  For the past three years I have been unable to get a full two hours of sleep and I am awake so frequently through the night that I am unable to function during normal waking hours.

I have also asked him about the pains in my hands and all he would say to me was “control your sugar level”.  I now know that I have joint pains caused by arthritis and he could have given me something for it, such as Celebrex or something similar.  I want things to go back to the way it was before Dr. Zane changed my medication regiment which greatly helped to reduce my agony.

Also, again Dr. Zane again has reduce my medication from 95 pills to 90 pills. this abuse must stop, all I will consider taking legal action against, Humana, DaVita Medical Group and Dr. Zane I will also fill a complaint with Florida Board Of Medicine and I will also inform Social Security Disability and any and all Florida agency that can help me….


Baltazar Martinez Jr.


Complaint Against a Service United States

1984 / Customer service

I was visiting the store in pelion sc. I was displeased by how the store looked dirty. Diorganized. The bathroom was really filthy and in need of repair. I feel that if employees are going to be getting paid they could at least do their work.

The counters were cluttered. I just would like to see this store be clean and organized. And the employees doing work and paying attention to the customer and not the other employees standing around talking to each other. I worked in a gas station before and i know that a little cleaning can go a long way.




1984 / Customer service
1984 / Customer service
Complaint Against a Service United States

Lifetime TV / Surviving R. Kelly

Someone HAS to speak up! I am so sick of hearing the media, movies, tv shows and live black women saying that nobody cared because they’re black or that this happened to them because their black. I’ve got some news for you!!!

You do NOT have exclusivity when it comes to being abused! I’m so [censored]ing sick of hearing that! I’m white, was raised in a family where my uncles sexually abused me from the time I was 5, was molested by a family “friend” when I was 12, raped when I was 16, and in a physically abusive relationship with my first childs father. I am a survivor! AND I”M NOT BLACK!!

Lifetime TV Customer Service
309 West 49th Street
New York, NY
United States – 10019
+1 212 957 4610
+1 212 957 4449
Complaint Against a Service United States

IHOP Restaurants / Very bad manager

This manager chelby of liberal Kansas Ihop isn’t Doing his job the right way and is coming to work drunk and leaving work to go next door to Applebee’s to drink then coming back drunk. Chelby the manager also is very rude and mean to customers and the employees. He will stand there with a customer complaint and laugh right In there face and yell at them.

He would treat all his works like they are nothing. He expect his works to do everything for him even when they have other jobs or things going on in there life. He would scream in ur face telling u how u mess up and never show u what u messed up on. He would also go around picking favorite and letting them do what every they want.

He would scream at u and not give u the days off u need. He would say that we can’t havw any days off that we need because he don’t care what we having going on it our life’s that we put this job first. He didn’t care if u has a family emergency and need to get somewhere he would fire u for needing days off.

U never get a day off. To me this isn’t how u run a restraute. He would have tables walk on because he would go out there and yell at them for wanting special orders or something different add in there order. He isn’t doing his job right showing up to work drunk. Opening the store late when we’re supposed to be there at 5 and he would show up with the keys till about 6 then yell at u for it which his the only one with a key.

IHOP Restaurants Customer Service
450 North Brand Boulevard
Glendale, CA
United States – 91203
+1 866 444 5144
Complaint Against a Service United States

AC Moore Downingtown, Pa. Store / Manager ( Rachel ) – Bad Cutomer Service

Me and My Sister were shopping for Christmas gifts for our family and there was a sign on a basket of large monogrammed bags saying $1.00 and so we asked a worker on the floor if that price was correct, she checked and said was not sure but because it was not clear, please take the sign to the register and tell them this sign was on these bags and they would honor the price if it was our mistake.

Once going through the check out line the cashier called to Manager over for a price adjustment. And The Manager was very rude, saying These bags are $24.00 and I will not do an adjustment.

So we declined the sale. Initially as we got in line the Manager approached us asking if she could help us, with no explanation… Which felt strange ( “Racial Profiling” ) towards us.
I have been a customer for years and do a lot of business with A.C. Moore because of my Church. So I spend a lot of money at your store.

I’m very disappointed and feel very disrespected by the way my Sister and I were treated by this manager.
I’m considering posting this for the public to see, because no one deserves to be talked to or treated in this manner.

And if this is the way she treats customers, who knows how she treats her employees.
And if she was not able to do an adjustment that is fine, it’s just the way she disrespectfully treated us. Makes me feel if we were Caucasian this would not have happen.


Complaint Against a Service United States

Playtika / Not receiving credits for Plunder Bay with ticket NOT addressed

Debbie Thomsen: Print screens attached. I am trying to go this route because I have sent many messages via messenger/Bingo Blitz Complaints to complain about 3500 credits not received in the Facebook app bingo blitz. I have attached a print screen below of the ticket number that was issued.

I have been waiting since October 23, 2018 with no response. Since initially doing this I have sent many print screens that are in the Bingo Blitz complaints/messenger but to no avail. I have since won of the last item needed in Plunder Bay which is the woman pirate with the pirate flag but I still didn’t receive the 3500 credits.

This is a lot of credits to not receive it I wouldn’t continue sending message after message after message. I am trying a different way to get somebody’s attention. Please get somebody to help. Thank you for your time.

Debbie Thomsen

Playtika Customer Care Service
Hahoshlim St 8
Israel – 4672408
+972 73 399 3800