Complaint Against a Service United States

Firestone Complete Auto Care – car repair Firestone Aurora Colorado 4535 N. Tower Rd 80249

My car was towed to Firestone on 6/11 at 4535 N. Tower Rd Aurora, CO 80249 since the car would not start. I was later called that day to let me know since the car had a breathalyzer installed, I would have to come in and blow even though the mechanics have authorization to call the 800 number given to Firestone, but did not want to do until I came into the store. I had to use a code and Firestone then worked on the car calling the 800 number which could have been done in the first place. Once Firestone called to let me know the car was ready for pick up I had to have it towed to the place for my normal recalibration for the breathalyzer and could not used the same code for the month to start vehicle. Once towed to place for recalibration the car did not start. I paid $432.48 and my car has not been able to start since 6/14. The car is being worked on by the mechanics that do the recalibration for my car on a monthly basis. There was wiring involved which Firestone explained they had to fix for the battery but now I have to pay $1500 to resolve the issue. I still do not have my car since 6/14 since the mechanics just now diagnosed and found the problem and it will be another 6-8 weeks for the part to arrive.

Desired outcome: Would like to be reimbursed monies paid to Firestone since they did not use the mechanical phone to override breathalyzer