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Montage Furniture Services review: aluminum patio table

We used their protection plan on a dark-colored aluminum patio table where we had a couple of kids doing a science project over the summer. They were using a mix of baking soda, water, and detergent that left a white residue across about 40% of the table. They asked me to fill out there form indicating the damage as well as submit pictures detailing the problem. After waiting 2 weeks or so, I called them for an update, and they hadn’t started the process on their end but had my information sitting there. They said they would call back in 2 days. I called them 4 days later and the customer service rep said they contacted the store where we bought the table and they were just waiting on a callback but didn’t inform me of this. I told her I would help in any way possible. I waited for about another week… the same result. 2 weeks from that, they said they were sending someone out to try and “repair” the stain? The person came out, inspected it then left without saying a thing to my wife. They then emailed us within a week saying that nothing would be done. They said “The information provided to us indicates that the damage reported to us is not a part of the coverage provided to you under terms of your protection plan. Your protection plan does not cover fading/color loss so we are not able to address the issue on your table.” This was not fading or color loss, this was an irremovable stain, that’s it.