Montage Furniture Services – kitchen chairs broken

Broken kitchen chairs need new one or repair s too chairs did fax documents on Saturday and Sunday office claim can’t find faxes office told me today use email too upload pics and all documents too site as I was told too do please contact Gerard Johnson at 329 blue coat street Dover Delaware 19901 phone [protected] email address [protected] claim number is PM2089889

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Montage Furniture Services – Sectional Sofa

I purchased the sofa on 11/25/2015. I have 2 sections with springs about to come through the material and another section with a deep indentation in the cushion. Very seldom does anyone sit on that section. I called the service to file a claim and was told my $2000 sofa is basically junk after 4 1/2 years and there is only a 1 year warranty. They could direct me to a service center for the springs and give me a price for the section with the deep pothole. Either way it’s going to cost me money to fix their junky crap furniture…waiting for a Slumberland manager to call me back…let’s see if they will do anything…I sincerely doubt it…

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Montage Furniture Services – Do not honor the warranty

We were never given a copy of the warranty, nor were we shown any of the warranty specifications. The only paper work we received was an itemized receipt. The customer service rep was intentionally misleading (this wasn’t miscommunication, this was blatant lying on part of your company). We requested a copy of the warranty later, in 2019, in order to make a claim, and your company could not, once again, supply us with a copy of it. We were, however, informed that Ashley no longer worked with the company that is supposed to provide the warranty. Which leads me to believe, this isn’t the first time there has been issue.

We have a couch that the seams ripped the day after it was delivered. The upholstery became displaced (the seam moved 4 inches out of place) Apparently, they don’t cover seam issues, even though Ashley SPECIFICALLY told me that it would be covered. Ashley told us we “should have read the warranty” but we were never provided one. We were charged $550 for nothing.

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Montage Furniture Services – furniture warranty

bought a recliner from Slumberland 4 years ago and purchased the extra 5 year warranty which is served by Montage FS. In March, a bracket inside the recliner broke. Immediately, we found the original paperwork which provided us with a telephone number. We tried calling and sat on hold for 45 minutes. We then filed our claim on their website (claim #FC1612139-21A). It has now 2 months since we filed our claim and have never received ANY response from them at all. The status of our claim hasn’t even changed when we check it online. We’ve tried calling (waited on hold multiple times more than a hour) and emailing them to no avail. I don’t even know if they will fix/replace the chair because we can’t get any response from their customer service. Would like someone to come out and fix the chair or for the chair to be replaced as detailed in the warranty paperwork.

Desired outcome: Chair fixed or replaced at “no additional cost” as detailed in the paperwork I was provided when I purchased the warranty.

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Montage Furniture Services review: Criminal company

Before I begin to address all of my concerns, I feel it is necessary to explain that we chose to use Montage because several years earlier we had an excellent experience with them. Fast forward several years, we bought a very large, very expensive couch about a year ago. We bought the 5 year protection plan that guarantees it will fix pretty much any issue that you could have with your furniture (short of blatant abuse). We are very careful with our furniture and take every precaution to protect it which it why we were so shocked by their response to our claim. The first issue that we reported was a large stain (my husband spilled something on the couch – plain and simple and obviously an accident). Additionally, the couch (entire couch) started pilling on its own (including parts that we don’t use), to me this is inexcusable because the fabric should hold up better than that. We haven’t had it that long in the big scheme of things.

For a couple of months montage gave me the run around but it is impossible to get them on the phone and I have yet to receive any sort of response to my emails. I finally got someone on the phone and they had closed the claim due to inactivity. Ultimately, I ended up starting a new claim while on the phone with that representative, she was extremely apologetic and assured me that they would address the repairs. Again, I was getting the run around on this second claim, it took me 3-3.5 weeks to get someone on the phone and I was ultimately told that no one had reviewed my claim yet. Two days after that I received an email stating that my claim had been closed due to the issues not being covered. I work the legal side of insurance, so I assure you that I know my way around plan documents. There claim is that my furniture is damaged due to abuse/accumulation without reporting and normal wear and tear. This is a completely unfounded claim. I sent them detailed photos and they made an assumption that gets them out of having to hold up their end of the contract. I responded and was very matter of fact, stating that unless this is address immediately they will be looking at a lawsuit.

However, after reading through all of the formal complaints on their BBB page and consumer affairs it seems that a class action lawsuit and tons of media coverage may be more suitable. Which is why I now have an appointment with a journalist from The Washington Post and The Daily Mail, my next stop is the Times and eventually I will be speaking with an attorney. This seems to be a reoccurring issue – and honestly one of the most confusing parts to me is how difficult it is to get in touch with them. They spin it like they are under-staffed due to covid/budget cuts but you’d think they would be able to hire/afford more employees with all the money they are saving on not paying out claims and doing their jobs. Hell, at least do your due diligence in looking into each claim – that will make it more convincing when you ultimately deny it ;).

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Montage Furniture Services review: Couch and recliner

Couch cushions pulled in accidental incident completely off frame. Stuffing poured out. Staple is protruding on recliner. Claims filed per portal as is required procedure. All photos and information submitted as required. They never responded to me. Denied claims. The retailer, Red Barn Furniture in St Stephen’s church VA, stated clearly this would be covered and have also failed in every possible way. This experience has been an absolute nightmare.

Paid for the furniture and this insurance for none of them to not fulfill as contractually agreed upon.

I certainly do not recommend shopping here unless you are looking for someone to sell you poorly made furniture, insurance that’s useless, and to be treated horribly.

Purchased a couch and recliner plus they sold me insurance through Montage. Mindy Penny spent time assisting with an insurance claim ad the couch had a major manufacturing defect and the attached cushion easily pulled from the frame resulting in it not being usable. This is supposed to be covered by the insurance they sold me. The recliner, not as major an issue, simply had a large staple pushing out of the frame into your leg when in use and therefore can also not be used. Mindy, speaking on the phone, walked me through filing the claims as directed. We removed the couch from our home and were delivering it back to them at red barn as understood by Mindy. We arrived with the couch understanding they’d have to inspect the issues. My fiance walked back outside to assist with unloading the couch as directed by Mindy. The supervisor, a heavyset man, brown hair, with a horrendous and discriminatory attitude, jumped around the front divider wall while she and I were joking about my situation, into the conversation with Mindy, screamed at me, deliberately spoke down to me as if I was less than human, attempted to insult me as much as possible, and treated me like literal less than trash. I hadn’t said anything deserving of that. He was asked if he would speak to his wife in such a manner. He actually yelled at me, as a paying customer, while speaking with Mindy who has spoken to me many time regarding this and we’d developed jokes between us, because he felt superior to both of us. We left the couch there as directed by both Mindy and him. On the way home, I called back to the store. Mindy answered and I asked her for the owner’s contact information to which she had to place me on hold. The discriminatory man instead picked up my call to tell me he acted irrationally and out of character and no he would never treat his wife in such a way and he was wrong and apologized profusely. He states that although he is going to handle it that his owner said to just throw away the couch and not deal with me. He didn’t agree with the owner and wanted to make it right no matter what. He is the man who actually sold us the furniture in the first place. I expressed my views that he under no circumstances had the right to yell at me, nor any customer, and treat them so badly and his actions are abhorrent. He apologized a dozen or more times and stated he wouldn’t sleep until the claim was handled and the furniture replaced as promised. Someone superior to him called approximately an hour after this incident. That man was going to ensure the claim was fulfilled as it is clearly a manufacturer defective couch and the damage is directly and clearly covered by the policy they sold me. They called the following day to let me know the couch, the one they instructed us yo bring and leave there, had to be on my property for the claim and they would bring it back to my house as a courtesy. At this point, they were not capable of courtesy so that term meant nothing. They had their delivery truck bring it back amd their drivers were also apologetic about how I was treated. The couch remains damaged. They never again contacted me. The store, the supervisor, or the insurance company. They never fulfilled their promise. They treat female customers like trash after you have paid them. It’s all a front to sell low quality furniture at high prices. They sell insurance to bring comfort and know that Montage has been sued many times and has experienced nearly 200 BBB claims against them. They continue to sell the coverage to unsuspecting victims. Their practices are fraudulent and discriminatory at best. While all of their apologies and promises were begrudgingly accepted, they have still not fulfilled any of them. No one should ever give them their hard earned money. Not ever.

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Montage Furniture Services – I need my furniture fix or replaced

My furniture is still under warranty. and they refuse to comply with the terms of the plan I bought. I suggest we look for an attorney for a class action. This company needs to be investigated and I am ready and willing to testify. I still have all my documentation and my warranty is still open. This is just a daylight robbery. Please let me keep this going. Hopefully, we will have whistleblowers: my policy # is PMCTB23710900X.
For anyone that needs to make contact to pursue Montage Furniture Services.
please email me


Desired outcome: FIX or replace my furniture

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Montage Furniture Services – Breach of Contract

I filed a claim with Montage FS on May 26 after my daughter had an accident on a couch that was covered by a protection plan with them. A month went by without anyone even looking at the claim. I place a call to Montage on June 29th to let them know that I had an open claim that needed immediate servicing. During that call I made the representative aware that during the month since I initially filed the claim my dog had been smelling the odor and had an accident on the couch as a result. The representative told me she would updated my claim with the additional information I provided. After that phone call it took another two weeks for a tech to come service the couch.

On July 14th a tech came out and said that since the urine had sat for so long without being cleaned, the soiled parts would need to be replaced. He told me he would complete his report and submit it to Montage to let them know the items needed to be replaced.

On July 23rd, I received an email from Montage that stated my claim was denied because “Accumulation: The information provided to us indicates that your Covered Product has a level of soiling or damage that is not a result of accidental damage or handling, but rather is at a level that has built up over time. The terms and conditions of your protection plan exclude this type of problem.”

I contacted the company and was told by the rep that I spoke to that this must have been a mistake and emailed me a Denial Form to complete. Which I did and sent back. On August 2, I received an email from Faye stating that their decision stands. I called Montage and asked to speak with her. I told that she would return my call, which she never did.

I then called Ashley Furniture to ask about the warranty they sold me. They informed me that the item has since been discontinued and that is probably why Montage is not honoring the warranty.

The soiling on the couch is no way the result of accumulation that has built up over time. It is the result of one accident that my daughter had on the couch and Montage not servicing the accident in a timely manner. This claim absolutely falls under the terms of my Protect Plan Agreement. As a result, I fully expect Montage to to rectify this immediately and replace the damaged parts.

Desired outcome: Replace damaged parts

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Montage Furniture Services — Non responsive since early 2020

Purchase Date: 17 Sep 2017
Term Protection Plan: PMCTB25479940X

We purchased a couch and love seat from Ashley Furniture in Sept 2017, bought the 5 year MFS Protection Plan.

In Sept 2019 we found the faux leather cracking and splitting. We reach out 2019 and were told they were backlogged, we were told they have our complaint and will get back to us. We were “In the Queue”. They did not provide a claim number at that time. By early 2020 it was they could not service us because of COVID. Now it is pushing 2 years. IF we can get ahold of them… it is still they can’t because of COVID.

We have Emailed them and we get, they are backlogged because of COVID. We get back “We have received a huge surge in new claims resulting from the C-19 shutdowns and that has worsened delays in several areas of servicing, including the availability of parts and furniture, especially from Asia. We are doing everything we can to get everyone taken care of as quickly as possible and we expect to be back to our normal service standards soon. In the meantime, claim processing is taking longer than usual and you may not hear from us as quickly as you, or we, would wish.

You are in our system and will not be forgotten, and we will get to you as quickly as we can. In the meantime, thank you for your patience as we work our way through this highly unusual situation.”

We have Filed a Claim on their web site, and it can not be found. We filed another claim “PM1655970-21A” recently/

We have tried at least once a month to get in touch with them. We have emailed them pictures, left voice mails. Now they don’t even pick up the phone and their Voice Mail is full.

Per Ashley Furniture, they are still selling warranties, but have no other association with them and claim no liability to help resolve this.

The cracking was so bad it was painful to sit on the couch, so we had to use an ugly patch just to be able to sit without being stabbed.

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Montage Furniture Services – Furniture repair

I have purchased a 5 year warranty back in September 2018. I filled claim
In may 2021 so far so no one has contacted me regarding the claim and I have called montage customer service numerous times I wait on hold forever and no one is answering. My dinning table and chairs are damaged One of my night stand drawers won’t close i been sitting on the floor and eating I have send emails asking about my claim and nothing has been resolved I just want my money for my furniture refunded so I can atleast buy something else to use