Johannesburg South Africa

PG Glass — Service complaint edenvale – vasco masanegza

Since the 3 January I have been trying to get someone to come out to our property to come and give us a quote and advise on two installations. After a week phoning everyday and sending a follow-up email; eventually someone called me back. They book a day but can’t give a time which is very unprofessional taking into consideration that people have job and responsibilities. Then they promised to call us in the morning to tell us when they will be able to assist us. That also didn’t happen. They phoned when they were in the street and I contacted Nardus (who was at home waiting for you) to go out and open the gate. (Because we are building the intercom is not working yet and the number is not up.) They didn’t even wait I just got a call to say they left and will maybe come back between 4-5pm??? Which they did. Nerds explained to them in detail what we are looking for and what do they advise. Then I received a call from VASCO asking what do I want and what should he quote me on? I was blown away – really. After everything you have no idea what we are looking for. Obviously, I’m upset because how do you quote on someone you have no idea what you are quoting on and why do you come out to give advise and then don’t provide details. So he told me do I want help or not and that I can phone Head office and lay a complaint he don’t care. I’m also welcome to phone his boss that is on holiday; Andre Jansen van Rensburg. It is very clear why Edenvale PG service is so excruciating horrible and this was such a painful experience if that is that attitude of your staff.
I was told by a friend if PTA to use PG Glass for the glass and aluminum work we need that the service/product and price was great but clearly that it not the same for JHB. I’m very disappointing. I also lost trust and/or have faith in your workmanship and that you will be able to delivery the correct and suitable product to us. We also requested a quote for a shower…

Hopefully at head office you will have better customer service integrity and make work of your employees and branches with attitudes like this. you are reliant on customer for your business and these types of situations will leave you with no customer and no business.