Pos Malaysia — Gombak Post Office Officer Saliah (Teller :13748) Fail to Provide Information before Transaction

Yesterday on 27/8/2021, I got an appointment at Pos Laju Gombak branch.. It was not busy at that point of time, I was making a renewal for my roadtax… And sadly to inform she doesn’t even bother to ask why I make payment for a 6 month renewal roadtax which will expired by September 17 2021. She is more concerned with her RM2 commission, instead of make a well inform decision to customer. It is more regretful that, I came in again today (28/8/2021) and she inform it cannot be cancelled as she can only cancel for yesterday. I was really disappointed in which how she don’t even bother what happened to customer. I only realize the roadtax expiry when I’m about to put it on my motorcycle. Now I know why most people really hate post office. Especially Pos Laju. You got a greedy staff who only know to get her own benefit instead of informing a small matter to customer. Pos Laju you lost one of your customer today.