Complaint Against a Service United States

Firestone Complete Auto Care – Firestone Luke AFB

Why is the manager not working the online request schedule? This is the 4th time in a year. Last week, the manager told me he just did not have time to look at the schedule when I showed up for the appt. I was not told otherwise, so I naturally assumed my appt. was still valid. It appears no one is still not working the online scheduling, because I put in another request and still no email or call. Replaced my radiator and said it was good to go. However, the engine is still overheating. Also, they charged me 20 more dollars than what I owed. Let’s see if they call me back. The trend also includes their overall attitude toward military members. As I was standing there watching the manager interact with customers, he demonstrated a serious lack of professionalism and courtesy. Trends will always be the largest signal that something is wrong and heading in the wrong direction. I am contacting the Luke AFB Base Commander about this and some other things that are showing a negative trend, not a one time situation.

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