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Firestone Complete Auto Care review: Rear brake work

Took my vehicle in to the Firestone at 5657 Wendy Bagwell Pwky in Hiram to have rear brakes July 6th. Approved almost $800 worth of work, told them I was in no hurray, just needed it before mid August. I was told “I’ll have it done by 5pm today”. (Direct quote from Andrew the service manager). Asked for and was promised a printout of the estimate either by email, text or however and again stressed that I was in no hurry, never received. Then they call me at 5pm to say they couldn’t find parts for a Honda Passport and the service manager was going on vacation the next day and the technician working on it was off the next day as well so I could try to find my own parts or come pick it up. Wow.

I couldn’t find the parts but then again, I wasn’t on their payroll, lol.

So I say I’ll come pick it up. 
No effort by a company that has stores all over the US who one would assume has access to parts reps to help find parts for fairly popular vehicle.

I took it elsewhere and found out that the people Firestone clamped the brake hose to the rear brakes, yes that’s right, CLAMPED THE BRAKE HOSE TO THE REAR BRAKES, didn’t bother to tell me and let me drive it home this way. For anyone who doesn’t know, this s NOT SAFE!

Now, no other shop wants to even look at it because there’s no way of knowing what else they did!

Andrew the service manager(?) couldn’t care less since his vacation was starting and Cedric the manager had no clue what was going on. They didn’t even know which key was mine when I picked it up.

Complained to corporate 800 number and promised a call from manager within 48 hours but they evidently can’t be bothered to call since 28th of July. 
If you value safety, DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR THERE!