My child support case was opened in 2012, after the father fled to New York to be with a woman he met online. After I realized the young lady was posting all her business on social media, I gather all the facts. I reported to CSS where and whom he was residing with, phone numbers and addresses. I was very confident that he would be caught right away since I had all the info needed. I even sent pictures…He even stated where he was working…because they move EVTREMELY slow by the time they tried to locate him, he was no longer at location…So now, he has a new chick and its the same process..Ive given numbers, pictures and more evidence that hw now resides in Oregan…Case worker says she is doing a postal on him and that was 3 weeks ago…no word back. Social media today, is a excellent way to crack down on these deadbeats but I was told that CSS cant use Faxebook…but why not? This makes the job that much easier…The law needs to be changed…its a New Day in time. By the time they try to reach him he will move again. Ive given them everything. Why not look for the young lady address who he resides with …force her to go to court so se can be forced to turn him in. If there is PROOF that a person know where the father is and know that law enforcement is looking for them…So simple…so please tell me what is really going on with Ga Child Support?