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Montage Furniture Services – Do not honor the warranty

We were never given a copy of the warranty, nor were we shown any of the warranty specifications. The only paper work we received was an itemized receipt. The customer service rep was intentionally misleading (this wasn’t miscommunication, this was blatant lying on part of your company). We requested a copy of the warranty later, in 2019, in order to make a claim, and your company could not, once again, supply us with a copy of it. We were, however, informed that Ashley no longer worked with the company that is supposed to provide the warranty. Which leads me to believe, this isn’t the first time there has been issue.

We have a couch that the seams ripped the day after it was delivered. The upholstery became displaced (the seam moved 4 inches out of place) Apparently, they don’t cover seam issues, even though Ashley SPECIFICALLY told me that it would be covered. Ashley told us we “should have read the warranty” but we were never provided one. We were charged $550 for nothing.