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Montage Furniture Services – furniture warranty

bought a recliner from Slumberland 4 years ago and purchased the extra 5 year warranty which is served by Montage FS. In March, a bracket inside the recliner broke. Immediately, we found the original paperwork which provided us with a telephone number. We tried calling and sat on hold for 45 minutes. We then filed our claim on their website (claim #FC1612139-21A). It has now 2 months since we filed our claim and have never received ANY response from them at all. The status of our claim hasn’t even changed when we check it online. We’ve tried calling (waited on hold multiple times more than a hour) and emailing them to no avail. I don’t even know if they will fix/replace the chair because we can’t get any response from their customer service. Would like someone to come out and fix the chair or for the chair to be replaced as detailed in the warranty paperwork.

Desired outcome: Chair fixed or replaced at “no additional cost” as detailed in the paperwork I was provided when I purchased the warranty.