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Montage Furniture Services review: aluminum patio table

We used their protection plan on a dark-colored aluminum patio table where we had a couple of kids doing a science project over the summer. They were using a mix of baking soda, water, and detergent that left a white residue across about 40% of the table. They asked me to fill out there form indicating the damage as well as submit pictures detailing the problem. After waiting 2 weeks or so, I called them for an update, and they hadn’t started the process on their end but had my information sitting there. They said they would call back in 2 days. I called them 4 days later and the customer service rep said they contacted the store where we bought the table and they were just waiting on a callback but didn’t inform me of this. I told her I would help in any way possible. I waited for about another week… the same result. 2 weeks from that, they said they were sending someone out to try and “repair” the stain? The person came out, inspected it then left without saying a thing to my wife. They then emailed us within a week saying that nothing would be done. They said “The information provided to us indicates that the damage reported to us is not a part of the coverage provided to you under terms of your protection plan. Your protection plan does not cover fading/color loss so we are not able to address the issue on your table.” This was not fading or color loss, this was an irremovable stain, that’s it.


Montage Furniture Services – kitchen chairs broken

Broken kitchen chairs need new one or repair s too chairs did fax documents on Saturday and Sunday office claim can’t find faxes office told me today use email too upload pics and all documents too site as I was told too do please contact Gerard Johnson at 329 blue coat street Dover Delaware 19901 phone [protected] email address [protected] claim number is PM2089889

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Montage Furniture Services – Do not honor the warranty

We were never given a copy of the warranty, nor were we shown any of the warranty specifications. The only paper work we received was an itemized receipt. The customer service rep was intentionally misleading (this wasn’t miscommunication, this was blatant lying on part of your company). We requested a copy of the warranty later, in 2019, in order to make a claim, and your company could not, once again, supply us with a copy of it. We were, however, informed that Ashley no longer worked with the company that is supposed to provide the warranty. Which leads me to believe, this isn’t the first time there has been issue.

We have a couch that the seams ripped the day after it was delivered. The upholstery became displaced (the seam moved 4 inches out of place) Apparently, they don’t cover seam issues, even though Ashley SPECIFICALLY told me that it would be covered. Ashley told us we “should have read the warranty” but we were never provided one. We were charged $550 for nothing.

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Montage Furniture Services – furniture warranty

bought a recliner from Slumberland 4 years ago and purchased the extra 5 year warranty which is served by Montage FS. In March, a bracket inside the recliner broke. Immediately, we found the original paperwork which provided us with a telephone number. We tried calling and sat on hold for 45 minutes. We then filed our claim on their website (claim #FC1612139-21A). It has now 2 months since we filed our claim and have never received ANY response from them at all. The status of our claim hasn’t even changed when we check it online. We’ve tried calling (waited on hold multiple times more than a hour) and emailing them to no avail. I don’t even know if they will fix/replace the chair because we can’t get any response from their customer service. Would like someone to come out and fix the chair or for the chair to be replaced as detailed in the warranty paperwork.

Desired outcome: Chair fixed or replaced at “no additional cost” as detailed in the paperwork I was provided when I purchased the warranty.

Complaint Against a Service United States

Montage Furniture Services – I need my furniture fix or replaced

My furniture is still under warranty. and they refuse to comply with the terms of the plan I bought. I suggest we look for an attorney for a class action. This company needs to be investigated and I am ready and willing to testify. I still have all my documentation and my warranty is still open. This is just a daylight robbery. Please let me keep this going. Hopefully, we will have whistleblowers: my policy # is PMCTB23710900X.
For anyone that needs to make contact to pursue Montage Furniture Services.
please email me


Desired outcome: FIX or replace my furniture

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Montage Furniture Services – Breach of Contract

I filed a claim with Montage FS on May 26 after my daughter had an accident on a couch that was covered by a protection plan with them. A month went by without anyone even looking at the claim. I place a call to Montage on June 29th to let them know that I had an open claim that needed immediate servicing. During that call I made the representative aware that during the month since I initially filed the claim my dog had been smelling the odor and had an accident on the couch as a result. The representative told me she would updated my claim with the additional information I provided. After that phone call it took another two weeks for a tech to come service the couch.

On July 14th a tech came out and said that since the urine had sat for so long without being cleaned, the soiled parts would need to be replaced. He told me he would complete his report and submit it to Montage to let them know the items needed to be replaced.

On July 23rd, I received an email from Montage that stated my claim was denied because “Accumulation: The information provided to us indicates that your Covered Product has a level of soiling or damage that is not a result of accidental damage or handling, but rather is at a level that has built up over time. The terms and conditions of your protection plan exclude this type of problem.”

I contacted the company and was told by the rep that I spoke to that this must have been a mistake and emailed me a Denial Form to complete. Which I did and sent back. On August 2, I received an email from Faye stating that their decision stands. I called Montage and asked to speak with her. I told that she would return my call, which she never did.

I then called Ashley Furniture to ask about the warranty they sold me. They informed me that the item has since been discontinued and that is probably why Montage is not honoring the warranty.

The soiling on the couch is no way the result of accumulation that has built up over time. It is the result of one accident that my daughter had on the couch and Montage not servicing the accident in a timely manner. This claim absolutely falls under the terms of my Protect Plan Agreement. As a result, I fully expect Montage to to rectify this immediately and replace the damaged parts.

Desired outcome: Replace damaged parts

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Montage Furniture Services — Non responsive since early 2020

Purchase Date: 17 Sep 2017
Term Protection Plan: PMCTB25479940X

We purchased a couch and love seat from Ashley Furniture in Sept 2017, bought the 5 year MFS Protection Plan.

In Sept 2019 we found the faux leather cracking and splitting. We reach out 2019 and were told they were backlogged, we were told they have our complaint and will get back to us. We were “In the Queue”. They did not provide a claim number at that time. By early 2020 it was they could not service us because of COVID. Now it is pushing 2 years. IF we can get ahold of them… it is still they can’t because of COVID.

We have Emailed them and we get, they are backlogged because of COVID. We get back “We have received a huge surge in new claims resulting from the C-19 shutdowns and that has worsened delays in several areas of servicing, including the availability of parts and furniture, especially from Asia. We are doing everything we can to get everyone taken care of as quickly as possible and we expect to be back to our normal service standards soon. In the meantime, claim processing is taking longer than usual and you may not hear from us as quickly as you, or we, would wish.

You are in our system and will not be forgotten, and we will get to you as quickly as we can. In the meantime, thank you for your patience as we work our way through this highly unusual situation.”

We have Filed a Claim on their web site, and it can not be found. We filed another claim “PM1655970-21A” recently/

We have tried at least once a month to get in touch with them. We have emailed them pictures, left voice mails. Now they don’t even pick up the phone and their Voice Mail is full.

Per Ashley Furniture, they are still selling warranties, but have no other association with them and claim no liability to help resolve this.

The cracking was so bad it was painful to sit on the couch, so we had to use an ugly patch just to be able to sit without being stabbed.

Complaint Against a Service United States

Montage Furniture Services – Furniture repair

I have purchased a 5 year warranty back in September 2018. I filled claim
In may 2021 so far so no one has contacted me regarding the claim and I have called montage customer service numerous times I wait on hold forever and no one is answering. My dinning table and chairs are damaged One of my night stand drawers won’t close i been sitting on the floor and eating I have send emails asking about my claim and nothing has been resolved I just want my money for my furniture refunded so I can atleast buy something else to use

Complaint Against a Service United States

Montage Furniture Services – Couches

I filed a complaint due to the ink marks that were done accidentally on the couches. They stated that they did not cover it because it was accumulation but it had just happened. On the pamphlet it says it covers ink stains. I took various pictures of the ink stains on the couches and was denied then they had sent me a letter stating that the technician was sent out and they also agreed to the denial but no technician was ever sent out.

Desired outcome: Stain removal

Complaint Against a Service United States

Montage Furniture Services – Warranty

My inlaws have been trying to get their couch repaired and Montage has failed to honor their warranty. My inlaws are senior citizens and are being taken advantage of by this company! They filed a report 8/23/2021, Montage contracted TriCounty services to come and “repair” the couch on 9/4/3021 however they couldn’t fix the broken piece and were going to call in a work order, (because the Tricounty employee needed a part to fix it). On 9/10/2021 they received an email stating that they received the request and would get in touch with them… here we are 9/27/2021 & no other info, Ashley furniture said we have to contact Montage because that is who the warranty is through.
It’s shameful that this company would take advantage of senior citizens like this.

Desired outcome: Couch repaired