Gauteng South Africa

PG Glass — No service delivery

I was at wonderboom last week for an outsurancce vehicle inspection. I was informed that it would cost R300. So I left without the inspection. I spoke to my insurance and they spoke to the branch. Now I’m literally sitting here again, filled in the form and I’m being blatantly ignored. The receptionist was quite nice. But from there, I’ve been waiting almost an hour

Johannesburg South Africa

PG Glass — Service complaint edenvale – vasco masanegza

Since the 3 January I have been trying to get someone to come out to our property to come and give us a quote and advise on two installations. After a week phoning everyday and sending a follow-up email; eventually someone called me back. They book a day but can’t give a time which is very unprofessional taking into consideration that people have job and responsibilities. Then they promised to call us in the morning to tell us when they will be able to assist us. That also didn’t happen. They phoned when they were in the street and I contacted Nardus (who was at home waiting for you) to go out and open the gate. (Because we are building the intercom is not working yet and the number is not up.) They didn’t even wait I just got a call to say they left and will maybe come back between 4-5pm??? Which they did. Nerds explained to them in detail what we are looking for and what do they advise. Then I received a call from VASCO asking what do I want and what should he quote me on? I was blown away – really. After everything you have no idea what we are looking for. Obviously, I’m upset because how do you quote on someone you have no idea what you are quoting on and why do you come out to give advise and then don’t provide details. So he told me do I want help or not and that I can phone Head office and lay a complaint he don’t care. I’m also welcome to phone his boss that is on holiday; Andre Jansen van Rensburg. It is very clear why Edenvale PG service is so excruciating horrible and this was such a painful experience if that is that attitude of your staff.
I was told by a friend if PTA to use PG Glass for the glass and aluminum work we need that the service/product and price was great but clearly that it not the same for JHB. I’m very disappointing. I also lost trust and/or have faith in your workmanship and that you will be able to delivery the correct and suitable product to us. We also requested a quote for a shower…

Hopefully at head office you will have better customer service integrity and make work of your employees and branches with attitudes like this. you are reliant on customer for your business and these types of situations will leave you with no customer and no business.

Navindren South Africa

PG Glass — Windscreen glass for a renault megane

They first came with the wrong windscreen had to wait few days before they came back with thre right windscreen…They fitted a windscreen on my vehicle… and after installation they notice it had a magnifying glare to it and wouldnt be appropiate to drive with, they said theyl bring another one… its been weeks since and during that time i kept phoning to find out whats going on, waiting for them to return my calls and none was return …weeks later and finally they got my windscreen …they had just fitted it today and they fit it on skew … no one answers your calls or returns your call … why the hell is pg glass gone so useless…pathetic service

Complaint Against a Service Midrand South Africa

PG Glass — Windscreen damage

Good day,

This morning 20/03/2018 around 9:00 I went to PG Glass Midrand to get my chipped windscreen repaired.

The damage was much smaller than a ten cents coin as they clearly displayed on their advert in the office. I was confident it would take a few minutes to seal the chip. There was no crack on the windscreen at all. A few minutes later the sales lady who was assisting me said there is a problem with my windscreen and when I went to check, there was now a 300mm long crack on my windscreen and I was informed I had to replace the windscreen. I then called my insurance who said I must pay an access of R 750, 00.

I feel very aggrieved about the service which I thought was going to solve the chip as PG Glass is a reputable company and I did not expect that my windscreen would crack seeing that the company is experienced in fixing cracks.

Please advise me what recourse I have against PG Glass to resolve my problem.

Veronica Zama

Complaint Against a Service United States

PG Glass — Rear window replacement

I contact on the 3/5/2020 PG glass Rustenburg (+[protected]) and ask for a rear window with demister for my Corolla after the Gardner damage it with a bush-cutter
They said after I pay a deposit they will order it. I went to them and pay the full amount R1750.00
On the 05/05/2020 they install the rear window. They phone later that the car is ready. When I fetched the car I noticed the window they installed was without a demister and they try to get away with it. I asked why they install the wrong window the manager said he will find out and will phone me within a hour. I phone him after a hour he said he is still trying the get the right
window. A Adel phone me later and said they cant find one because all the businesses was closed due to the lock-down and try to bribe me with R400.00, I refused and said I rather wait.
I later went to the shop. The manager said he will get the right window when the businesses is up and running. I ask him if I get one he said then we can make a plan
I find a window at Eagle glass and on the 29/05/2020 I gave PG glass the contact number. a week later I ask when can I get the glass the reply it was order and still waiting for the courier And up to now 17/7/2020 it is his excuse
On the 3 July 2020 get hold of PG glass Customer care to assist me (Jannie Niemand [protected]) He said he can help but he is successful up to now
I use the car in the morning and it is very dangerous when the window missed up and I cant see behind me. Please assist me in getting the window replaced or get my money back
The manager of PG glass shout at me and put the phone down

Complaint Against a Service United States

PG Glass — Windscreen

On the 13/01/2021 I went to pg jhb to sit my windscreen because I got confirmation via a phone call and sms that I must come that week so I choose that I will go wednesday morning, when I got there to my surprise there was no glass and they claimed they called to let me know but no one actually did, ok fine I left then they told me the me they will send their mobile team to me at work, monday on the 18/01/2021 which is today waited almost the whole them got worried then picked up our office phone to find out where is the person that supposed to come and install my car glass only to be told we still don’t have the glass in stock and it could take up to six month for a glass to arrive, what nonsense is that??? [protected]

Complaint Against a Service United States

PG Glass — Windscreen not fitted

Proof of payment send on the 22 April 2021 to Yvette Botha. She did reply to my email and confirmed the payment. They would have contacted my client the same day to arrange for the windscreen to be replaced. Phoned the call centre today, only to be informed that the windscreen has been replaced. Tried to get the problem sorted but with no luck!!! Did send Yvette an email again to informed her that the windscreen as NOT been replaced and if she could please advise. No response!!! THE WINDSCREEN HAS NOT BEEN REPLACED AND PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE

Complaint Against a Service United States

PG Glass — Steel replacement windows

Pg glass kathu quoted me for steel replacement on my home windows. Accepted the quote and paid them in full 19/04/2021. Till date still struggeling to finish the job. It looks horrible and amatures doing it in 6 weeks did 1 and not corectly it is the 4th time the are re making the windows. The building contractor cant finish his job as we are waiting for pg glass to finish their part.
Noe the walls been damage,
The frame grind away, alminuim are scratched and dent. What must we do looks horribille

Please need help cant go on like this