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Victoria’s Secret — Promotion staff at capital fm summer ball

I entered the summer ball with my sister at Entrace F to wembley arena. We paid a lot of money for the show and were very excited. We saw some other girls walking around with VS bags and they told us they were free, so my friend went to get one and Joined her. I was on the other side of the barrier to my friend and there was no que. As my friend got one and walked away I asked politely ‘oh please may I one too!’ And her reply was ‘mm not unless you come round here and ask politely you aint.’ I was shocked and made to walk around a table and re ask. Her and her colleague sniggered at me. I then felt really uncomfortable and it ruined good mood. I spent a lot of money on my ball ticket and I feel she was being purposely awkward for a bit of power over me to make me feel uncomfortable. I am 25 and I have been shopping at PINK in trafford centre and westfield in London since I was 14. I was dissapointed and upset. She was African America working at stand near the inside toilets and cocktail bar.