Complaint Against a Service

VLCC Health Care — laserVLCC Health Care — laser

I (asiya ) have been a customer of you people for the last two years now. I initially took the package for bikini, underarm and full-face package and was assured of the best results. But unfortunately, the results were not good. Then I was convinced to take one more package, still, the results remain the same. The third time they told me to take a full-body package and made it clear for sure there will be results. Today was my last session (which I didn’t too) but my hair growth is the same. I have a friend who has taken the same session with Silkor and Kaya, they have a very good result.
Today when I asked the same them (Zandra) she answered that after this session goes to Silkor. You have to keep on taking laser sessions.
The question is if I have to spend every time this much amount of money on laser, then what is the difference between laser and waxing.
The behavior was very disappointing. I will never suggest anyone for VLCC. You are just making fool of customers and making money out of it.
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