Complaint Against a Service United States

Victoria’s Secret — Credit card customer service

I have been paying the same amount to VS for MONTHS. They changed the terms of the account and increased the minimum by FIVE DOLLARS. Because I did not realize this and paid the amount that I always pay, they charged a $28 late fee. My account is paid up to 10 days early every single month and on top of this, my balance was less than $100. I called and had the privilege of speaking with Tiffany. Instead of being a kind human being and explaining all of this, she spoke to me like she was a robot reading off of nothing but a script. The account is in my husband’s name, but over the last 6+ years of having this account, I have handled ALL issues over the phone. Tiffany made me call my husband at work and even though he authorized me to speak to her (now for the second time over the duration of the account), she made him repeat EVERY single word that I said because I was not allowed to request a refund for the ridiculous $28 charge that was assessed for a late payment that was not technically late. Every time I spoke, she sat there in silence waiting for him to literally repeat what I had previously said. My husband is an executive who works for a multi billion dollar company and had to be interrupted to request a $28 refund. Ironically enough, he is responsible for Guest Experience. I can assure you that this will be a business case that he speaks about in every presentation and meeting where it is applicable.