Complaint Against a Service United States

Victoria’s Secret — Customer service

Where to even begin with this catalogues of monstrosities I do not know… I’ll give it a good go. So i realised yesterday (11th) that my order had been cancelled 5 days before with no explanation or attempt at making the situation better. I engaged in a live chat with Ashley at 17:39 who told me there was no issue with my order and then failed to respond again with anything helpful, I can attach a screen shot of where the conversation was left. Not being satisfied with that I tried again at 18:33 and spoke to Cindy who instantly told me there had been a processing error and I was welcome to re-order. After I advised her I didn’t wish to and I would like any outstanding orders cancelled she advised that she couldn’t stop the orders and I would still receive them AND keep the items and that would be confirmed via email within an hour… Had a feeling it hadn’t been done and no email still the following morning so I contacted the [protected] number at 7am this morning and spoke to Kaitlin who after 7 minutes was no use what so ever and told me I was telling her the order number incorrectly so I asked to speak to her manager. Kaitlin had me on hold for ages and came back with no manager. Still arguing the order number wasn’t valid and that she was discussing it with her supervisor, even though I specified a manager. Anyway after nearly 45 minutes Kaitlin finally provided me with an email address for me to send the screenshots to and she recieved them and STILL tried to pick fault which I’m sorry made her look a complete idiot. I even questioned her as to if she felt silly accusing me and she couldn’t answer. An hour and 10 minutes in I FINALLY get the pleasure of speaking to Kaitlins supervisor who’s name wasnt even worthy of remembering decided to hang up on me. I then rang the Bristol store I’d visited last Thursday to see if they could off any help and spoke to the sweetest young lady called Emily who couldn’t apologise more if she tried bless her who informed me the top port of call was the number I’d already been hung up on or this email… so failing this I will be contacting the ombudsman as I’ve been made fully aware all calls recorded and I’m certain Victoria Secrets have failed me miserably. If some one would kindly contact me asap I’d be extremely grateful.