Complaint Against a Service United States

Victoria’s Secret — Lingerie

It is Wednesday, June 19 and it is 630, about an hour ago I was in Victoria’s Secret at Hulen mall and there was a lady that is working in the dressing room department. I had picked up a red lingerie piece off the rack and I want to try it on in the dressing room but there was a spot on it and so I just left it hanging up in the dressing room. I bought a black one of the same type for $59 and when I went to check out. the girl had noticed I guess the spot on the lingerie and went and made very rude remarks to me at the cash register. I was very upset and embarrassed and completely disgusted with the way the situation was handled and I really do think she should not be working in a lingerie department because that is not how you handle things she even threw it around in front of the cashiers and asked them if they wanted it. She had shorter curly hair and was heavier set. It really upset me and I’m thinking about calling corporate on you guys or her if the situation is not handled.