Complaint Against a Service United States

VLCC Health Care — Unethical Behavior

My name is Carmen and first, I would like to mention how disappointed I am with your services at Festival City Dubai branch.

Services booked from my end:



ü No medical record was requested – I will explain why I did add this point
ü Nu specific dates were given. I had to call and text several times to the point that I wanted to cancel all the session to get the dates
ü It was not explained initially that on RFMN procedure the exiting fillers will melt because of the heat. And now my fillers are going and extra cost will be involved to place new ones plus I have to stay 4 months in this way and considering the job which I’m doing ( travel industry ) it is not very pleasant

I would have found in the end to pass all the above but I wanted to do another procedure for slimming. I had to call several times to get the app and finally when the date was given one lady asked me to sign a form and do note:

ü I’ve asked her what is about as on the first procedure it was not requested she told me to read.
ü I did read and advise her that nobody did give me details on the exact procedure. I point out to her that I have a pituitary brain tumor and back surgery. She had to check and after 20 minutes come back that I need the doctor’s approval to do the procedure. My doctor is in Romania and did inform me that there is no issue and I can proceed, Romanian medical records were forwarded for the clinic attention but still I was declined.

It was the most frustrating experience ever. The branch manager is more interested to keep the payment rather than making the customer happy. Initially, I recommend the clinic to 02 friends and their feedback was the same. Lack of info provided and not acceptable attitude from the staff. The Branch manager after receiving the payment it’s like she’s doing a favor by the way of talking and dealing with me which really should not be the case.

I would like to have a solution to the above as I don’t want to make procedures which I do not want just for them to cover the payment. I keep calling and I just get I will let you know.

It’s very disappointing and I want to believe this is not the service you would like to promote in the market.

Important: The only staff I felt cares is Dr Lina.

Waiting for your kind response,